Pramrolla Use - Tips and Tricks

Since launching Pramrolla we’ve had lots of feedback from our customers.  To all those people we say a massive THANK YOU!!  As a new business offering a brand-new concept all feedback is crucial to us and is welcomed with open arms and minds.  Our mission at Pramrolla is to create the best, most realistic simulated pram ride possible to assist families managing their baby’s sleep.  We know how hard it can be sometimes as parents when your baby won’t sleep, can’t sleep or is unsettled at sleep times, because we’ve lived it too.  Three kids, now 2, 4 and 6 and countless miles of pram pushing to assist their sleep, when for whatever reason they weren’t happy in their cot, forms the foundation of our early research, and the reason behind creating Pramrolla.

 As we progress along the journey to the perfect simulated pram ride we are learning more and more about what works and what doesn’t.  Our challenge is to engineer into Pramrolla what works, and engineer out anything that doesn’t.  Unfortunately, no amount of engineering will cater for the uniqueness of each baby, the perfect pram ride for Noah just won’t cut it for Abby.  We know that and it’s disappointing, but we’re open about the fact Pramrolla won’t be effective for all babies, and offer our 100% 14-day money back guarantee to those babies that fit this minority group.  To the parents of those babies we feel for you.

 What we have learnt along the way are some simple Tips and Tricks, in addition to the Pramrolla User Manual, that will hopefully be the difference between your baby sleeping happily in their pram with Pramrolla in action, rather than having to revert to our guarantee.  We’ve listed these below and hope that if your baby isn’t taking to Pramrolla like we hope, that these suggestions make the difference:

  • If your baby doesn’t already sleep in the pram (or car) on a normal pram or car ride, it is likely that Pramrolla will not be effective for you.
  • Pramrolla is suitable for all babies up to around 12-14 months of age. By this age they are quite aware of their surrounds and seem to be able to decipher between a simulated pram ride and a real pram ride.
  • Using a shade cover over your pram and baby to remove the static visual element when using Pramrolla may assist. Conversely, some parents have found providing their baby with a visual perspective, e.g. facing into the rear garden, has helped.
  • If your baby can’t see you when on a normal pram ride. I.e. your baby is facing forwards in their pram, then similarly keep out of your baby’s field of vision when you are using Pramrolla.
  • Assist your baby to settle in their pram for a minute or two with some gentle shooshing, their teddy, &/or some additional gentle lateral rocking of the pram while Pramrolla is in action.
  • Pramrolla should only ever be set up on a flat level surface at ground level, releasing the pram brake will allow a greater level of rocking to occur which may make a difference.
  • Pramrolla doesn’t need to be cranked up to high speed to create the white motion we want. Put your hand on the pram frame to feel the gentle vibration and adjust accordingly.

All babies are different, and they are developing at an incredible rate.  What might have worked yesterday to help them sleep simply might not cut it today – frustrating but true.  If you are a Pramrolla owner and have discovered a Tip or Trick we’d love to hear it and share it with others.  If you’re already a Pramrolla owner and its not working for you and your baby please contract us at – we are here to help.



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