What is White Motion

We all know the feeling of heavy eyelids and getting the head-nods when travelling.  You might be on a long car drive as driver or passenger and find that you just can’t keep your eyes open.  Windows down, windows up, radio on, radio off, take a drink, sing a song, slap your face, nothing seems to work, right?  Same thing on the train to work or on the way home, just can’t keep your eyes open or your head from lolling about like a basketball on a spring.  You can’t fight it, and as the TAC adverts rightly tell us “only sleep cures fatigue”.  But what’s the causes of loss of control of our conscious faculty, even after a good night’s sleep?  The answer is known as white motion.

The best definition we can find for white motion is that it’s a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive vibration, recurring over a short period, generally because of a vehicle in motion such as a car or train.  Similarly, finding qualified or clinical research on the concept of white motion is equally scarce.  This seems a bit odd considering it’s something we all know about, experience, and the likes of the TAC spends millions of dollars warning us about.

White motion is the inspiration behind Pramrolla.  We know that babies (just like adults) have been falling asleep in moving prams and cars for as long as the pram and carseat have existed.  Talk to any parent and they will have a story for you of the time their baby wouldn’t settle down in their cot, no amount of back rubbing, shooshing or nursey rhymes would do what 5minutes in the pram or car was guaranteed to achieve.  Problem is it’s 3am!!  And as luck would have it’s pouring rain outside, and 8 degrees.  No parent ever underestimates the ability of their kids to create a situation at the most inconvenient time.

At the end of the day if you can get white motion to work for you, do you really care what the science is behind it?  Provided you’re not in control of a vehicle at the time, and endangering yours or the lives of others, we say embrace white motion.  Grab a micro sleep, let your basketball head loll around a little, you’ll feel better for it, and if you’re on a train or other public place and the white motion overtakes you, you might just provide a little bit of light entertainment for those around you who remain in control of their consciousness.

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